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steps to peace
The people of the world are speaking
The Petition
steps to peace
Dear Friends

War to end all wars?

World War I was once said to be "the war to end all wars". Wars do not end wars they only make new wars. Sorrow and grieving from loss, hatred, revenge, retaliation, starvation, oppression, fear, power mongers poisoned by greed and big money from makers of war machines are all linked to more wars.
Death of innocent men women and children , animals and destruction of eco systems are all linked to war. War is insane! We need to stop the bloodshed and insanity. Not by fighting more wars but by helping each other. Continue to take the steps to stop wars. Every step counts, no matter how little. Let us continue to march step by step with peaceful words and actions spreading love, compassion and understanding. Just say no to war and yes to peace. Pray for everyone, even those who think war is the answer. Pray for the consciousness of all humankind to leave the belief in wars behind and work for peace.
  by: Launi P.

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