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Kirksville Community Health Care Discussion Report

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Community Health Care Discussion

Part of the National Call for Input

Between December 17 and December 31, 2008, Tom Daschle, chosen by President-elect Obama to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, asked the American people for input on our healthcare system. As a result, nearly 8,500 community discussion sessions took place and the information gathered was submitted to the Obama-Biden transition team. Kirksville was no exception. A significant amount of information was obtained and presented to the representatives of the president-elect in the form of a report which is available on this site. However, due to the very short notice, a severe ice storm and the fact that classes were not in session at ATSU or TSU, many interested parties were unable to participate. Additionally, one of the primary thoughts which emerged was that we cannot depend on Washington to meet the specific needs of our community. Therefore, it was decided that rather than ending with the report, we would try to build a grass roots organization of all interested parties to address healthcare issues. To this end, this site will remain on line to serve as an information source. If you want to be involved, please let us know. If you have concerns or ideas, please post them on our comments board.

We want YOUR help.
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For information contact:
Edwin. S. Purcell, Ph.D.
A.T. Still Univeristy
800 Jefferson Street
Kirksville, Missouri 63501 
Phone: (660) 626-2217

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