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What if the people of the world came together to say it is time for all the killing to stop. To say we are one family, let's celebrate our diversity, not use it to separate and instill conflict. We CAN bring harmony into the world and end the suffering brought about by our own ignorance. This is the time for rational people to stand up and say enough is enough. Fighting only leads to more fighting, it does not bring peace. If we redirect the incredible energy that is expended to kill one another to help one another we can transform the planet.

Our Mission

On John Lennon's Birthday, October 9 we ask you to join us. Use all of your creativity in your own area to see that the voice of sanity finally rings forth with all of the volume it deserves. Let us create a giant groundswell that will crack the foundations of the war machines. It is time for the Dreamers to be heard. Please join us. Someday is today and the world will live as one.

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