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1.                  A 17 year old gang members struck in the back by a bullet during a drive by shooting.The bullet penetrated the cord on the right side between the seventh cervical and firstthoracic vertebrae.He was paralyzedand lacked discriminative touch on the right side below the wound and was insensitive to pain and temperature on the left.An area on the medial aspect of the right arm was also insensitive to pain and temperature as a result of damage what structure?


A.                 Anterior horn

B.                 Dorsal columns

C.                Lateral corticospinal tract

D.                Spinothalamic tract

E.                 Tract of Lissauer


2.                  A seventy-four year old male was brought to the hospital with numerous signs and symptoms of sudden onset the previous evening.An angiogram revealed an occlusion of the left posterior inferior cerebellar artery.Computerized tomography showed edema in the left, lateral, rostral medulla.Among his signs/symptoms were which of the following?


A.                 Ataxia, dysphagia, Hornerís syndrome

B.                 Bellís palsy, inability to abduct the eye

C.                Contralateral spastic paralysis and loss of discriminative touch

D.                Loss of taste and pain and temperature from the contralateral (right) face

E.                 Ophthalmoplegia and contrlateral spastic paralysis


3.                  An eighty two year old female was placed in a nursing home following a stroke. She displayed right-sided spastic paralysis and loss of discriminative touch, Bellís palsy on the left and inability to abduct the left eye.What level is this lesion?


A.                 Caudal medulla

B.                 Rostral medulla

C.                Caudal pons

D.                Rostral pons

E.                 Midbrain


4.                  During a visual field test, a fifty-four year old female was found to have an upper homonymous quadrant anopsia.This is due to compromise of what structure?


A.                 Meyerís loop

B.                 Optic chiasm

C.                Optic tract

D.                Parietal geniculocalcarine projections

E.                 Superior colliculus


5.                  A 15 year old girl became obese and listless.She had periods of high feverwithout apparent cause and became amenorrheal.She drank large amounts of fluids urinated with high frequency and volume.She also experienced a loss of peripheral vision.She was diagnosed as having a craniopharyngioma.Her diabetes insipidus was due to damage to what hypothalamic structure(s)?


A.                 Preoptic area (anterior hypothalamus)

B.                 Posterior hypothalamus

C.                Supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei

D.                Tuberal area-arcuate nucleus

E.                 Tuberal area- ventromedial nucleus


6.                  A fifty-one year old woman suffered a stroke involving the right superior and inferior parietal lobules.What were her resulting signs/symptoms?


A.                 Contralateral neglect syndrome

B.                 Loss of sensation and motor control of the lower limb

C.                Paralysis and loss of sensation from the face

D.                Paralysis of the arm and trunk

E.                 Wernickeís aphasia


7.                  A thirty-six year old man suddenly began to have difficulty walking.There were no signs ofakinesia, weakness, rigidity, tremor (resting or intention) or disdiadochokinesia.Which of the following structures would be the most likely location of his lesion?


A.                 Dentate nucleus

B.                 Inferior cerebellar peduncle

C.                Internal capsule

D.                Substantia nigra

E.                 Superior cerebellar peduncle







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1E, 2A, 3C, 4A, 5C, 6A, 7B