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Neurosensory System Exam II                      102 questions


Dr. Buck                    3 questions

            Gross Anatomy of the Ear


Dr. Chegwidden          3 questions

            Metabolic Considerations of the Eye


Dr. Hultgren             9 questions

            Visual Optics

            Auditory Processing

            Vestibular Physiology


Dr. Hussein              12 questions

            Microbiology of Bacterial Meningitis

            Other Bacterial Infections of the Nervous System

            Microbiological Infections of the Eye

            Microbiological Infections of the Ear


Dr. Kell                      3 questions

            Fungal and Parasitic Infections of the Nervous System


Dr. Linville                9 questions

            Pharmacology of Adrenergic Drugs

            Pharmacology of Cholinergic Drugs

            Pharmacology of the Ganglionic Blockers


Dr. Purcell                18 questions

            Neuroanatomy of Ocular Motor Control

            Neuroanatomical Pathways of Vision

            Neuroanatomy of the Cerebral Cortex

            Neuroanatomy of the Limbic System

            Neuroanatomy of the Hypothalamus

            Neuroanatomy of the Autonomic Nervous System


Dr. Sexton                3 questions

            Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Neurotransmitters


Dr. Snow                   30 questions

            Physiology of Central Motor Control

            Somatosensory System I & II

            Neuroanatomy of the Eye I & II

            Visual Processing

            Embryology/Histology of the Ear

            Auditory Neuroanatomy

            Gustatory and Olfactory Systems

            Development of the Cerebellum, Thalamus and Cerebral Hemispheres


Neuroanatomical Images                      12 questions