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Histology 1 & 2: Hematopoiesis




1)  Describe the process of replication and differentiation noting the characteristics of stages in the progression from pleuripotental stem cell, multipotential stem cell, progenitor (colony forming) cells, precursor (blast) cells to mature cells (note especially Fig 13-1).


2)  Describe the stages of erythrocyte maturation noting the changes in appeareance (of stained cells) and their relationship to the production and subsequent presence of hemoglobin.


3)  Describe the stages of granulocyte maturation from myeloblast, myelocyte, metamyelocyte to mature cells (note especially Fig. 12-8).


4)  Describe the characteristics of neutrophilia.


5)  Describe the maturation of lymphocytes and monocytes.


6)  Describe the origin of platelets.