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Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for taking the time to write this email. I appreciate it so much
that I will share it with the the faculty, the Dean and the rest of your
class. I have done everything humanly possible to keep you appraised. I know
of no other professor that lists what is on the exams on a web site. I am
sorry that I cannot force people to submit exam questions and I agree the
situation is unacceptable. Please accept my resignation.

With love and apologies,

Edwin S. Purcell, Ph.D.
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From: "Jennings Stephanie" <>
To: "Purcell, Edwin Ph.D." <>
Sent: May 10, 2002 10:52 AM
Subject: neuro course

> Dr. Purcell,
> It's almost time for our neuro final. . . in light of that, i thought i
> might voice some of my opinions regarding the organization of this
> course.  i have been very disappointed at the continual lack of
> information provided to us students regarding the material on each of
> the past exams.  it is very difficult to be 100% prepared when we are
> not properly informed of the proper material to be studying.  it is not
> acceptable to make an anouncement or post a web page over a weekend
> right before an exam.  do you really think that everyone in this class
> speaks with everyone else and therefore just some how finds out what
> information you provided to only a few minutes in the hall at the last
> minute?  in addition, our exams have been somewhat cummulative thus far.
> it is not very helpful to have one exam review session after our 5th
> exam.
> i believe it might be helpful to us if you were to provide an HONEST
> breakdown of the professors who will be providing TQs for our final.
> also included should be the title of the lectures from which their
> questions will be coming and the number of questions from each.  i
> believe this is not an unreasonable request, especially considering the
> fact that some of us have been receiving lower exam scores partially due
> to the disorganization of this course.
> thank you for your time.  i would be interested in hearing back from you
> if you would like.
> sincerely,
> steph jennings